Richmond Hill residents in potable water woes

Residents of Richmond Hill, Mackenzie, Linden have been without a potable water supply for more than a week now.
The public relations unit of Guyana Water Inc. last week issued an advisory via the local NCN TV station stating that the area would have been without water from last Tuesday. The notice also stated that water supply would have returned to normal by last Saturday.

According to the water company it was in the process of conducting routine maintenance to the pump which feeds water to the area. When contacted a PR officer maintained that there was no major problem being experienced at the time.

Three days after the scheduled return of the water supply, the area was still not receiving water through the taps. A reliable source told Stabroek News that the area’s pump had developed a major problem which resulted in the shut-off of water supply to the area.

The source disclosed that the contractor had underestimated the extent of the work and had to transport the piece of equipment to Georgetown to reconstruct a main component with the hope of having it completed by Monday.

In the meantime, as promised in the TV advisory, a truck has been providing residents with water on a daily basis but several persons said that they are usually not at home when the truck arrives and so they miss out. Most persons complained that they have not been able to do their laundry for the period the water has been off.

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