Water is unavailable at peak hours in West Ruimveldt

Dear Editor,
I am extremely disgusted with the service provided by the Water Distribution Site (the Well) which supplies water to the West Ruimveldt district. I am a resident of the area in question, and of course a user of water, and I represent the views of many persons in West Ruimveldt. It is alarming that something which is a necessity and entitlement is such a scarcity for residents. It is disgraceful to see the unavailability of water during the peak hours (6-7 am, 5-8 pm), yet we continue to receive a water bill which shows a sharp increase in rates.

Since the installation of the house-to-house pipeline there has been a reduction in the supply of water issued per household. In view of this, the relevant authorities at the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) along with the officials of the West Ruimveldt Water Distribution Site should issue a fixed schedule or timetable in the newspapers or on national television daily, which would indicate to residents the hours when water will be readily available.

Further, there has been a lack of maintenance of the machinery at the Well, which in turn contributes to the fluctuation in the water supply and also results in unclean water being supplied to households.

This lack of sufficient water since the installation of the new pipelines by GWI is a confession of a short-sighted plan. The residents of West Ruimveldt are left to deal with the scarcity of one of life’s basic necessities on a daily basis. I wonder if Guyana is truly ‘The Land of Many Waters.’
Yours faithfully,
(Name and address
Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to PRO of GWI, Mr Rawle Aaron, for any comments he may wish to make.

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