Lack of stamina one reason for defeat

Dear Editor,

The residents of the gold mining community of Mahdia and the entire Region 8, wish to compliment Gordon Leitch popularly known as ‘Rat’ for having scored the lone goal against the North West, in a football match on Saturday, September 19, 2009 on the GDF ground in the city. The North Westerns scored the first goal then Mahdia retaliated with an equalizer, ‘Rat’ having eased the ball past the opposing goalie.

The Gold Boys fought back valiantly, but were demolished 5-1. ‘Rat’ blamed the defeat partly on a lack of swift coordinated passes and also on a lack of stamina to keep pace with their counterparts.

Mahdia usually plays on a small ground, as against the larger ones on outings; hence lack of stamina was indeed one of the disadvantages which contributed to their defeat. However despite the odds, hats off to ‘Rat,’ the ‘golden boy’ and to the whole team.

Yours faithfully,
George Carrington

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