Stop blaming the rest of the world for treating Guyanese badly

Dear Editor,

I visited your lovely country for the first time in July and I was very much impressed with its beauty. I am sure to be back on many more occasions.

The people are very friendly and go the extra mile to be helpful. My concern would be with the harassment by the bus drivers; it would make sense to have a first-in-line, first-to-load system. Then you need to find more jobs for the people by having more government projects like building more roads and bridges, and becoming the food basket of the Caribbean by investing in a food plant to can and freeze foods.

I am sorry to say Guyana should be the mother of the south and not the baby as it is now. What’s needed is a bigger population to have a larger internal market to take advantage of the external one.

Finally stop blaming the rest of the world for treating your lovely people badly, but try to give them hope in their own land. That land is too big not to have more clout; worldwide Barbados is 50 years ahead of Guyana and that should never be so.

Yours faithfully,
Rodney Hinds

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