Let the security services deal with those disrupting Mandir celebration

Dear Editor,

Over the past ten years the people of Alexander Village had no peace as people from other communities would invade their Diwali celebration and disrupt the celebration.

They would consume alcohol and light squibs, destroying the properties of some residents and the Mandir. Some of these hooligans come from Nabaclis, Paradise and Dem Amstel smoking marijuana while others would sell alcoholic beverages in front of the Mandir. This is a regular act by the intruders over the past ten years, without police intervention and protection to prevent the destruction of the Vishnu Mandir.

The residents noted that they are dissatisfied with the response they received each time from the Guyana Police Force, who only turned up at the scene after the destruction was finished. The residents of Alexander Village would write letters outlining their concerns and distress as the situation became unbearable to the Commissioner of Police, President Jagdeo and the Minister of Home Affairs. A great portion of the Mandir memory has been erased by these destructions. The residents of Alexander Village wonder why this particular Mandir is a part of the campaign of destruction and terror. When will the government executive come out against this organized assault against the Hindus and their celebrations? I hereby appeal to our Hindu brothers and sisters and thousands of peace loving Guyanese to harbour no thoughts of retaliation.

Leave it to our gallant security services who, by and large are still offering service and protection.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Khan

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