AFC hosts youth convention today

The Alliance For Change’s youth arm, Youth For Change (YFC), is hosting its inaugural 2010 Youth Convention today at the Ocean View Convention Centre, at Liliendaal.

The convention will be held under the theme “Youth-Making it Happen Now,” the group said in a statement. It said discussions will focus on the problems and issues impacting youth and the solutions to be applied. Jamaican Senator Basil Waite, BSc, MPA, will be delivering the feature address followed by a discussion on the economic development of youth, spearheaded by economist Dr Tarron Khemraj.

Waite sits on committees reviewing the Access to Information Act, the Contractor General’s Officer and the Integrity Commission, among others, in Jamaica. He is also the national organiser of the People’s National Party and the opposition spokesperson on education. Waite also holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard’s John F Kennedy School of Government.

YFC said the after-lunch session of the meeting will feature a discussion on social and related issues impacting youth development. According to the release, the goal of the convention is to facilitate dialogue among youth from around Guyana and also see the formation of a structured national body of youth taking action to make their mark in the country.

The convention, which is open to all young people, starts at 9am.

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