Demerara Rotary donates swing set to Ptolemy Reid centre

The Rotary Club of Demerara made a donation of a swing set valued at $185,000 to the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre on Carmichael Street on Friday as part of its community outreach programme which will help in the upgrading of the play area for centre’s children.

Eon Caesar of the Rotary Club of Demerara hands over the equipment to Cynthia Massay Rehab advisor at the centre in the presence of some of the children.

Eon Caesar, Director of Education of the club, in making the presentation said the club wanted to do something to help at the institution. It was indicated that help was needed in the recreational area.

Upon assessment, the board of the Rotary decided it was better to replace the equipment rather than have it refurbished.

Caesar indicated that the Rotary is now looking at ways of fostering a relationship between the two and said that the area of education has been identified as an immediate area of collaboration.

Further he acknowledged the partnership with the organisation United Women for Special Children whom he said “provided a huge chunk of money towards the project.”

Cynthia Massay, Rehab Advisor at the centre said she was “very happy at the donation.”

She added that the institution and the centre have shared a long and fruitful relationship.  She thanked them for always responding in a timely manner to their requests.

Meanwhile, she said that the centre tries as much as possible to re-create a normal environment for the children. She said that such an environment is needed by children especially of those with special needs.

Ret Colonel Randy Storm, Chairman of the Management Board thanked the Rotary Club for the donation and said it would be helpful for persons with disabilities.

He said that the aim is for the children to access a lifestyle that mirrored that of normal children.

He made an appeal for other clubs to come forward and make donations to the centre which would improve the lives of the children.

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