Psychiatric Hospital gets $1M waiting area

The family of the  late Tulsie Ragnauth, a British-trained Berbice lawyer, last week commissioned a $1M waiting area in the compound of the National Psychiatric Hospital during a simple ceremony.

Recounting the life of the lawyer,  former Minister of Local Government Harripersaud Nokta said that Ragnauth, who had been a State Counsel, repeatedly refused offers to be appointed Director of Public Prosecu-ions  after he had successfully prosecuted several horrific murders during the 70s.

In addition, the former government minister stated that the New Amsterdam resident was also offered an appointment to the judiciary which would have seen him transferred to the capital city, but he opted to remain in the Ancient County  where he served Berbicians with pride and dignity.

Ragnauth, who retired from private practice  in December  1999, had returned to England. Prior to his death on September 16, 2009, the St Ann’s Street resident witnessed his wife Janet and daughter Portia being called to the Bar.

Meanwhile, in an overview of the project, coordinator  John Poonai said that the family of the late legal practitioner intended to leave an indelible imprint of their loved one’s character on a project which would be beneficial to Berbicians.

According to Poonai,  the family donated one million dollars to the Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA)  for the provision of seating  in a waiting area.

Works were undertaken by contractor Nadram Persaud who completed the job in four weeks.

Also attending the midmorning ceremony and making brief remarks were Regional Chairman Zulficar Mustapha and BRHA Chair-man David Armogan.

Others present included former Regional Chairman Rohit Persaud,  staff of the Ministry of Health, and  patients of the hospital.

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