Taxi-driver shot while making pick-up

A taxi driver was shot twice by a lone gunman early Thursday morning as he sat outside a Church Street business place waiting for a passenger.

Tyrone Kishore, 28, of Second Field Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara, drove himself to the Georgetown Hospital, where he was treated and discharged. He sustained gunshot injuries to his right foot and right arm.

Police, in a press release, said that an investigation had been launched into the shooting, which occurred at 2:40am.

Investigations, according to police, revealed that Kishore was in his motor car waiting for a passenger when “a man approached and discharged rounds at him.” As a result he was struck to his right hand and right foot while his assailant escaped. Police recovered three spent shells at the scene and investigations are continuing.

Meanwhile, a resident recalled hearing about four gunshots. She said that the man was sitting in his car which was parked on the roadway in front of a business on Church Street between Light and Cummings Street when he was shot.

From all indications the gunman made no demands before shooting Kishore. This newspaper was unable to contact the injured man.

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