Recruitment agency launches website for employers, job seekers

The Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA) on Tuesday launched a website for employers and potential employees.

The Ministry of Labour said the site; located at was developed with a $6M fund from the United Nations Development Programme. The sum includes the cost of computers.

CRMA is a job placement organisation started in 1994, under the purview of the labour ministry. The agency registers applicants for employment, taking specific note of their occupational qualifications, experiences and desires, interviews them for employment and evaluates, if necessary, their physical and vocational abilities.

Labour Minister Manzoor Nadir says that the website “makes it much easier for persons to have access to the facilities.” He noted that a high per cent of the population have an email address but those who cannot access the CRMA office will be able to register online. Persons who register online are given an ID number which allows them to update their curriculum vitae. While the site does not allow the applicant to follow their application, Nadir said that the CRMA staff will inform the applicant if a placement is found.

Chief Recruiter/ Manpower Officer Valerie Moore said the CRMA will be updating the site with information it already has on file. It will also allow employers to register and post vacancies. Apart from placement, the site will maintain a record of notified vacancies and provide guidance and counselling for the unemployed. Moore stated that applications will always be monitored.

Meanwhile, Trevor Clarke, of the Enhanced Public Trust, Security and Inclusion project pointed out that while there will be challenges, in terms of access to internet he noted that “it’s best to start now.” But Public Service Minister Jennifer Westford cautioned CRMA to ensure that they do not abuse access to the internet.

CRMA has offices in Berbice, New Amsterdam and Georgetown. Nadir said that there are plans to expand these facilities countrywide. In the meantime, “Every labour facility we have will have a computer dedicated to online registration,” he said.

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