Consumers should be able to see the readings on their water meters

Dear Editor,

GWI has installed meters on domestic, commercial and industrial premises. It therefore means that metered consumers will have to pay for very drop of water they use or misuse. One question however is the design and installation of the meters. These meters should have been installed in such way that the readings could be clearly seen by the consumers. The supply and discharge connections should be protected and inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

The present installation system locks the meter along with the supply and discharge connections in a holding chamber which is then cemented. With this mode of installation only authorized personnel from GWI can access the meter to have readings taken or repairs done, and as such consumers are denied or restricted from having the right to see the readings. By seeing the readings the consumer might be able to better manage his water usage.

Over the years GPL has changed and installed several types of meter, but no matter which types were installed the display of the readings was very visible, with only the connections hidden, secure and protected. Having access to the readings is very important to the consumer who would then be able to regulate, and monitor their water consumption and also compare the readings on the bill to those on the meter. The Consumer Protection Agency should intervene.

Yours faithfully,
Robin Bynoe

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