All of Kwakwani worked to help the accident victims

Dear Editor,

On the 30th June the Kwakwani community was in a state of deep shock when news of the accident that claimed the lives of two residents spread across the community. The entire community felt the pain for the injured and the grief for those who lost a family member.

Any outsider who was there and witnessed what transpired on that sad evening would have recognised how closely knitted the Kwakwani community is.

It was highly commendable how the entire community worked together to get those injured treated and evacuated for further medical attention.

The magnitude of that accident, with all the beds in the hospital occupied, was too much for our medical staff and residents rose to the occasion and willingly volunteered to treat the injured and assist to get them to the airstrip. 

Those persons who braved the rain to have the airstrip prepared for night landing must also be commended as that was a major concern over the years.

I will strongly recommend that personnel from the aviation department assist my community to prepare a standard instruction and procedure for emergency/night landing and have it posted on a sign board.

We are very grateful for the help we received from all those persons especially at the Regional Democratic Council 10, the Prime Minister, the Guyana Defence Force and Captain Gerry Gouveia who made two trips that wet night just to ensure all the injured were taken to Georgetown.
Yours faithfully,
Jocelyn Morian

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