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A new school year has just begun. If your child’s planned sessions of reading, playing, learning how to make nutritious snacks and spending time with family and friends were successful you want this success to continue into this new school year. However, school success doesn’t just happen. In order for your child to achieve school success both you and your child must be committed to making the most of the school year by bringing education home. My Hot Momma recently shared two ways she helped her children achieve success in school, and here’s what she told me she needed to do make that happen:
Have liming time but also have a space in your home dedicated to school work!

Children need time when they get home from school to unwind and lime. However, when it comes time for homework, all children require a good study space at home. Make sure your child’s home study space suits his/her study style and fosters learning. Some children need a quiet, private place to study and finish homework. Other children may do better completing assignments at the kitchen table, or where there’s a little more going on. Your child should never approach homework in front of the television, but it’s alright to allow some background music, if it doesn’t distract your child from his studies.

It’s also important make sure that your child has access to supplies s/he might need to complete his/her homework throughout the year: paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, scissors, a calculator, paste and rubber erasers.
Getting ready for school means getting organized!

Keeping your child organized is another key factor to achieving school success. Show your child you are interested in his/her learning by helping to keep track of homework assignments by subject, as well as after school activities, school events, and other commitments. Together, you and your child can make a calendar or a daily agenda book. Ensure your child follows his/her timetable and always has the correct books on any given day. Offer tips on keeping study guides, graded tests, and other papers organized and easily accessed when needed.

At home, post up the calendar in a visible spot and use it to keep track of major school projects or extra lessons, as well as other important school happenings. Be sure you help your child manage his/her time on the calendar for projects so that your child doesn’t find him/herself urgently trying to finish a project the night before it’s due! This will help your child as well as the teacher!

Getting your child organized and ready for the school year will also help you as a parent get ready and organized.  Playing an active role in your child’s education at the beginning of the year will help your child start the year off on the right foot and help him/her feel supported in his/her education. My Hot Momma always told me if I wanted to be successful I had to plan success into my life!!!! Help your child get ready to be successful this school year!!
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