Consistency in discipline is essential

Hot Momma’s Advice of the Week!:
Behaviour can’t always be good but dealing with your child’s behaviour can be!!

School is back with its normal routine and your child is excited and exhausted all at the same time! It’s a happy yet fatiguing time, and with the new schedule in action, you may be experiencing some periodical breakdowns and them acting out. Whether your child is tired, or just having a hard time understanding —whatever the reason, My Hot Momma always told me— you should always handle discipline with the same set of rules:

• Don’t say “no.” If you constantly tell your child “no,”s/ he will stop listening. Use positive wording instead. Say, “Let’s wait until the weekend to watch TV as its better to do homework while the lesson is still fresh in your mind.” Only say “no” when necessary and give them as much freedom to explore as possible while still keeping them safe.

• Give choices. Choices allow your child to feel in control of his/her world. But keep the choices limited so they are not overwhelmed. The “either” “or” method works best. “Would you like to do a puzzle or read a book after dinner?”

• Make your expectations clear. Set up rules that are easy to understand and enforce them time and again. For example, tell your child that he can play outside after he cleans up his toys.

Facing frustrations

Children at a younger age may fall apart when they can’t do certain activities on their own — colour in the lines, do a puzzle, put on their shoes. To help prevent these meltdowns, you should:

• Understand your child’s limits — be aware of what situations might frustrate your child, and set up a routine where your child tries one time and then gets assistance with these difficult tasks.

• Offer options that might calm your child. Make yourself aware of activities or behaviours that help your child relax (taking a walk around, breathing deep) and direct him/her towards them when you see his/her frustration rising.

Do not, however, do the task for your child. This will prevent your child from learning how to cope with frustration as well as master the skill s/he is developing

It’s a great idea to work with your child on his/her behavior as well as through frustrations. Now that the school year has started you can also speak with your child’s teacher on your routines and rules, as well as what support you give your child at home!

My Hot Momma always told me I wasn’t bad – just my behavior was! Being a good girl always has a great parent with consistent discipline behind her!

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