Bus conductor found dead with apparent stab wound

A minibus conductor was found dead at Montrose, East Coast Demerara (ECD) yesterday morning with a suspected stab wound.

Mark Parmesar, 22, of 554, Block Eight, Agriculture Road, Mon Repos, ECD, was found on the roadway at First Street, Montrose, with a suspected wound to the stomach, police said. The man’s body was found at 6.30am by shocked residents.

At Parmesar’s home, his mother Chrucitia Thompson said that the last time she saw her son alive was Thursday shortly after 7pm.

Mark Parmesar

He left to visit a friend. “He didn’t go right away. He eat and so and then he leave lil after seven o’clock and tell me that he going by Chris,” Thompson explained. “He got one stab to the left side chest,” she said, describing what she saw when she went to identify the body, which was taken to the Lyken Funeral Parlour. s far as she is aware, Thompson said, her son had no problems with anyone and she could think of a reason why someone may want to harm him. Thompson was unable to say whether her son had any valuables on him when he left home.

Parmesar worked as a conductor on Route 44 buses. A bus driver and neighbour said that the young man would be “touting” on the park when he was not conducting.
Meanwhile, residents of First Street, Montrose, were left baffled when they woke up to the dead body in their street.

The spot in Montrose where Parmesar’s body was found.

They said they did not know the man and had never seen him in the area before. A resident believed that the body was dumped in the street.
The resident whose house Parmesar’s body was found in front of said she could not believe what she was seeing when she looked out her window yesterday morning. The woman, who said she was sickly, went to her gate to ensure that she was seeing right.
Police are awaiting the results of a post mortem examination.

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