Municipal daycare centres launch Mash Camp

The Municipal Daycare Centres, in collaboration with the Mayor and City Council,  on Tuesday launched their mash camp at the Mayor and City Council Daycare Centre at Industrial Site, Georgetown.

According to Miss Pinkerton, a teacher at the Daycare Centre and one of the designers, the costume that will be used this year is a depiction of the national Coat of Arms with the six races of Guyana, which will be a representation of the national motto: One People, One Nation, One Destiny. The children will parade tomorrow.

The materials used to design the float include sponge, cardboard, wire, pieces of cane leaves, and aluminum. In addition to the floats, which will be handled by two nursery school girls, the female students themselves will be wearing orange and gold costumes, while the males will be wearing spray painted jerseys.

The Mayor and City Council has five different daycare centres in Georgetown, and every year private daycare centres  join with them in their annual mash parade. This year approximately 600 students, including parents and staff will be participating in the parade.

Coordinator Paullete Bollers told Stabroek News that they plan on completing preparations for their mash parade by today and they have so far seen much progress. She said that the municipality worked along with parents to fund their mash camp. The municipality, she added,  looks forward to this activity every year.

“This activity is part of our annual work programme,” she continued. When asked about her expectations for this year’s parade, she said it will definitely be bigger and better since they have a larger group. Bollers also noted that the group is facing no major challenges except a few bumps along the road such as finding desirable colours to use in their costume designs. “Of course we’d like more money to do bigger things but we’re grateful.”

The children are said to be very excited and are anxiously awaiting the big day when the parade will commence in front of the Promenade Gardens.

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