Three years for Albouystown ganja courier

Devon Douglas, of 67 Hunter Street, Albouystown, was on Wednesday sentenced to three years in jail for trafficking marijuana.

Douglas, 27, was found guilty of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking by the Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Christianburg Magistrates’ Court.

According to the case against him, on Sunday January 17, 2010, Douglas was in a minibus travelling along the Linden to Georgetown route, when it was stopped by a police road block at Bamia Highway. A police constable, who was also a passenger in the bus, noticed that Douglas pushed a black bag under the seat at that time. As a result, the constable ordered Douglas to disembark the bus with the bag but he refused, claiming that it did not belong to him.

The constable told the policemen at the road block what he saw and they subsequently checked the bag and found 240 grammes of cannabis inside. Douglas was arrested and charged.

Douglas on Wednesday pleaded with the Magistrate for an adjournment, saying that he sustained a foot injury and could not walk.

However, the Magistrate informed him that the case was for decision and she then informed that the prosecution proved its case. When asked if he had anything to say before sentencing, Douglas told the court he believed he was victimised since he was the only Rastafarian on the bus.

The Magistrate then imposed the three-year sentence and a $720,000 fine.

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