Four companies bid to close Le Repentir landfill

Four companies have bid for the project that would see the problematic Le Repentir dumpsite finally being closed.

The tenders were opened yesterday in the boardroom of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), all but one of the estimates were below the engineer’s estimate of $74,999,450.

The most expensive bid was made by H Persaud and Company Ltd which submitted a bid price of $82,704,050, while the cheapest bid was $64,473,700 by Puran Brothers Inc. The two other bidders were BK International Inc and VB New Approach General Construction.  The former submitted a bid price of $72,696,000 while the latter company bid $69,898,779.

Work on the final closure of the dumpsite entails the continuation of the access road from Mandela Avenue to Cemetery Road and, an extension of Broad Street. Further it entails making a temporary access on the top of the dumpsite so that the contractors can take the clay up there and cover the cell. It also includes the moving of the western ramp.

A compulsory pre-bid meeting for prospective bidders was held on March 18, where they were briefed by Project Manager of the Georgetown Solid Waste Management (GSWM) Walter Willis. At yesterday’s tender opening exercise, one bidder expressed concern that BK International Inc had submitted a bid despite not having a representative at the compulsory meeting. Chairman of the NPTAB Donald De Clou said this was a matter the evaluators would look into.  However, when contacted by this newspaper, Willis said the company was represented at the meeting.  He proceeded to name the company’s representative.

The tenders will be evaluated and recommendations will then be made to the government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

At the pre-bid meeting, Willis, according to a release from GINA, advised the prospective bidders that government would like to meet the deadline and in order to do so they should make provisions in their submitted rates for any overtime work, night work, bonuses or whatever other costs or situation might arise. However they must bear in mind that they are bidding in competition with others.

In response to a question posed by a bidder on terms of payment, Willis responded that there is a mobilization advance rate of between 15 and 20% with payments being made fortnightly, GINA stated.

“I don’t envisage a problem with payments on this project, which is totally financed by the IDB,” he said, adding that this component costs approximately US$18 million, GINA said.

Garbage was last deposited at Le Repentir dumpsite at the end of January and cell number one was then opened at the new Haags Bosch landfill, aback Eccles for garbage disposal from the municipality and the 15 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) in Region Four.

Le Repentir dumpsite was opened in 1993 and was anticipated to have a two-year life span. The dumpsite, however, was in operation until this year – 16 years beyond its lifespan – and had encroached on the cemetery grounds as it overflowed.

The site, over the years, had also plagued by outbreaks of fire.

Residents of communities near to the landfill have also been affected by the odour and smoke coming from the site.

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