GWI sees heavy losses due to leaks, tampering

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) says it experiences heavy losses due to leaks and damage to water mains and meters, at a two-day Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Workshop it hosted last weekend.

In a press release, GWI’s Head of Technical Services Aubrey Roberts is quoted as telling senior and middle management staff at the workshop that due to these losses the company has to produce twice the amount of water needed by customers. “Our recently held workshop was aimed at informing senior and middle management personnel about the issues and challenges associated with NRW reduction and management,” Roberts said. He noted too that participants were given field exposure to the implementation of GWI’s District Metered Area Programme.

Additionally, participants were informed of NRW interventions implemented by Trinidad and Belize water companies, particularly Belize’s as similar interventions are planned for the local service. “The Belize water company manages non-revenue water by conducting frequent meter readings to detect leaks and ensuring prompt repairs,” Roberts added.

Customers are urged to practice water conservation by promptly reporting leaks to GWI’s Customer Services Call centre at telephone number 227-8701.

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