Limited Haags-Bosch working hours disrupting city garbage disposal


The restricted working hours of the new Solid Waste Disposal Facility at Haags Bosch is disrupting the city’s garbage disposal, Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green has said.

Addressing the constant issue of garbage build-up in Georgetown, Mayor  Green at a press briefing on Monday criticised the management of the new facility at Haags Bosch, which was expected to alleviate the situation.

According to Green, Haags Bosch, unlike Le Repentir, is not available around the clock to the city’s contracted garbage collectors. He noted that Haags Bosch closes at 5pm.

Senior Government Engineer Walter Willis, who is responsible for managing the facility, told Stabroek News, “I have nothing to say about anything Hamilton Green has said. I do not have time to mentally masturbate to what has been said. I only do what my employers direct. If anyone has a problem with how I do my work, they are free to take it up with my employers.”

Green also said that due to the location of Haags Bosch, which is located some seven miles out of Georgetown, businesses and persons are now faced with the long distance to travel. As a result, he stated that they have resorted to dumping waste in other parts of Georgetown.

Green is urging all persons to desist from dumping solid waste, since the council will be taking severe actions against those found culpable.

He added that City Hall has recently acquired new garbage disposal trucks, which will supplement the fleet of trucks to be used for solid waste disposal.

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