Nealon Fernandes is winner in Nintendo Wii showdown

Nealon Fernandes is the winner of the Nintendo Wii Showdown, hosted by Courts Guyana Inc last Friday.

Fernandes and the other contestants, Nadine Dundee, Eunice Beaton and Acleama Rossan, battled for the chance to play at the final Nintendo Wii Showdown.  Nealon Fernandes defeated Acleama Rossan and won that round of the competition. He will continue on to the semi-finals which, will be held in August. The top prizes are a Nintendo Wii, DVD players, Mp3 players and cash.

The Nintendo Wii Showdown-Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is the second competition held under Courts’ “All You Need For Your Digital Life” promotion. The competition commenced on the July 1st, and will conclude on August 14th.

Customers who purchase products from the digital brochure during the promotion get a chance to participate in the competition. Four customers are chosen weekly to compete in the competition. Customers also benefit from three free installments on all 36-month contracts and get a chance to win various prizes.

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