Tractor crushes man to death at Issano

A 30-year-old man died on Tuesday after the tractor he was driving toppled down a hill at Wheelbarrow Backdam, 14 Miles Issano.

Dead is Ceril Crandon known as `Nigel’ of Hampshire, Corentyne, Berbice.

Ceril Crandon

According to a post-mortem examination performed by Dr. Nehaul Singh at the Georgetown Hospital Mortuary yesterday, the father of one died as a result of a crushed skull.

Crandon’s brother-in-law Lance Grant told Stabroek News that based on the information received so far, he was going to park the tractor after a day of work when it slid sideways before toppling down the hill.

In the process, the tractor reportedly fell on Crandon’s head, Grant said, adding that Crandon is known to be a good driver.

He left home last Thursday on his second trip to the interior where he also worked in the mining pit. Relatives, Grant said, received the news of his death sometime after 9 pm on Tuesday.

Asked if they have reason to suspect that there was more to his death, Grant said that they have no reason to doubt the reports.

He along with other relatives said that they were not in the area when the incident occurred and as such they can only take the information that was given to them.

When the body was brought to Georgetown on Thursday, the decomposition process had already started. Relatives said that he would be buried sometime mid next week.

Crandon leaves to mourn his parents Rayanna and Layman Crandon, his five year old son and other relatives and friends.

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