Cops nab three more Piari robbery suspects

-death toll rises to six

Three men, believed to be part of the gang that raided Piari Landing, at Puruni at the start of the week, were arrested yesterday, even as police reported that the death toll of a boat mishap during the escape bid by robbers had risen to six.

The three suspects were held on an unnamed island about four miles from the location where their getaway boat reportedly sank, in the vicinity of the foot of Looking Glass Falls in the Mazaruni River, police said yesterday. The men were arrested at about 4pm.

Three suspects had been initially held by responding police officers after the robbery in another area in the Mazaruni. They were found with an Uzi sub-machine gun and a handgun.

Meanwhile, two more bodies were discovered by police on Wednesday at the foot of Looking Glass Falls, bringing the death toll to six. According to a police release, the two latest discoveries are believed to be the bodies of suspects in the robbery. Police added that efforts are being made to retrieve the bodies, which are among rocks in the strong rapids.

So far, only Aubrey Kingston, of Linden and Gregory Isaacs, of Laing Avenue, have been positively identified among the deceased.

This newspaper understands that police were forced to bury the second set of bodies that were recovered on Tuesday, as they had been too decomposed to be removed.
It is believed that in addition to Isaacs, another of the dead bandits also hailed from Laing Avenue. Isaacs was positively identified by one of the mothers of his children. The father of five was described as a short, stocky man of African descent, who was well-known for committing thefts.

The robbery occurred around 7 pm on Sunday, when the group of men armed with handguns stormed Piari Landing, at Puruni and wounded three Brazilians in the process.

Millions of dollars were stolen in the raid.

According to the police, as the men approached, a number of shop owners and other persons fled into the bushes, but eight persons were robbed of cash, raw gold and jewellery, including the three who were shot and injured. The perpetrators, police said, attempted to escape in a boat that they had stolen from Piari Landing but while travelling along the Mazaruni River, it overturned.

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