Mabura man believed murdered

A Mabura, Upper Demerara man is believed to have been murdered on the interior location’s public road sometime during the early morning hours of yesterday.

Dead is 59-year-old Vernon Alexander of 47 Miles, Mabura whose mangled body was found shortly after 6:00 am yesterday. According to a resident from the area who said that she was a close friend of the man called `Sicko’ by his friends and relatives, she was performing her usual morning duties when she notice the strange sight on the road. She told Stabroek News that her home was not far from the road and she was certain it was the body of a man that was lying on the road. “Right away I run out to see is who. When I see was meh own friend Sicko.” She said Alexander was lying face up and was covered with blood. “When deh turn he over he whole head back was smash in and buss up, deh well and beat he up because all over he skin deh mark up like deh lash he up.”

Alexander’s wife, Patricia Alexander was alerted to the discovery and it was she who called in the police. The incident didn’t occur far from the man’s home. His wife said that something was amiss since her husband had behaved very strangely over the weekend.

She said that the family went out to Linden on Friday to transact business in the company of other family members when her husband left their company under the pretext that he was going to the barber shop for a trim.

“But for some reason he didn’t go to no barber shop but he lef we in Linden and come straight back to Mabura, why he did that I can’t say but since then I ain’t see he again.”

The woman said that she wasn’t aware that her husband had any beef with anyone since he was very private and quiet.

A close relative said the man was last seen leaving the area with his family on Friday. He said that from his assessment the possibility of the man dying as a result of a hit-and-run accident is ruled out because his clothes were intact and there were no marks on the road which would have indicated that he was dragged, run over or pitched as a result of being hit by a vehicle.

At the time of his death he was an employee of a Waraputa-based logging firm. He was the father of two. It was not clear if any arrest was made or if anyone was assisting police with investigations.

The body was brought out to Linden but had to be transferred to Georgetown since the Upper Demerara Hospital Mortuary was reportedly out of service.

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