Guyanese woman raped in Trinidad

(Trinidad Express) A 24-year-old Guyanese woman was raped by a lone intruder who forced his way into her Cunupia home during the early hours of Sunday morning.

After raping her, the man escaped with a quantity of cash, jewellery, the woman’s cellular phone and other valuables police said.

Investigators said at around 3 am, the woman was asleep at her Longdenville Old Road, Cunupia home when the intruder entered. After hearing noises in the house, police said the woman awoke to find her attacker standing over her before pinning her to the bed, removing her clothes and sexually assaulting her.

She was the sole occupant in the house at the time, police said.

This attack is reminiscent of another incident in the Central area two weeks ago in which a 49-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter were gang-raped by four men while asleep at their Penco Street, Longdenville home. Three suspects have since been arrested, charged and are currently before the court in this instance.

The area in which the incidents occurred are currently not under the 11 pm to 4 am curfew, but following the double rape of mother and daughter, residents had called for its implementation.

An investigator close to the most recent case stated that he believed criminals from other areas that were under the curfew restrictions are leaving those areas and venturing into other parts of the country, in order to carry out criminal activities.

“Those criminals leaving certain areas and coming into other areas with no curfew and doing their illegal activities.

“When there is no curfew in certain areas and people roaming the street all hours of the night what are we to do? Tell them to go home? We cannot do that,” said the officer.

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