Dear Editor,

There has now been an official announcement from FIFA’s Ethics Committee that Mr Colin Klass, President of the Guyana Football Federation has been provisionally suspended from all football related activities, pending an investigation into alleged financial impropriety in the cash for votes scandal.

Mr Klass had in the past ruled our nation’s football with an iron fist, micro-management and dictatorial policies. As such it’s now pertinent that fearfulness be replaced by fearlessness and that all in a unified voice demand Mr Klass‘s resignation. The wait-and-see game on the outcome of the investigation cannot be defended.

As my late mother use to say, “At the end of the longest prayer is amen.” And as I always said to a Vice-President of one of the city’s leading clubs, a ballot would not be the way to remove Mr Klass, but rather he himself. Is this the hour? Definitely, yes. What would still be interesting is if the President (ag) of the GFF, extends the peace pipe to the GFA, in pursuit of withdrawing the injunction and awarding the voting rights. Then they should proceed with the AGM and election of office bearers, and in the process bring an end to Mr Klass’s dominance.

Yours faithfully,
Lester Sealey

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