Water meters should be installed in every home to help conserve water

Dear Editor,

I have noticed the increased pressure in the water supply in the Patentia area; GWI should be commended for this improvement. However, I’m not sure what measures have been put in place to monitor the wastage/usage of water not only in this community, but in the entire country. Persons are now leaving on their black tanks or whatever water storage containers they may have, to fill at night. And what happens is that when the tanks are full they are left to overflow until the next morning. How many gallons of water are being wasted? Why? I had to leave my bed three nights last week at 2am in the morning to turn off my uncle’s black tank. Many persons leave their taps open and water runs all day; this I have seen over and over again. Every time I see water being wasted, the thought of over ‘one billion people in this world are without potable water’ comes to mind and it bothers me, bothers me so much I want to scream at these people. Many people are of the thought that Guyana is a land of many waters, failing to realize that most of our waters are inconsumable and overly polluted. I know GWI has a televised programme aired around midday, but I think more needs to be done to remind people about the importance of conserving and preserving our water. Guyanese need to value water and stop wasting it.

GWI needs to disconnect the water supply during the night since people do not use water at that time; also electricity would be saved by not having the pump working during those hours. I don’t see people wasting electricity by leaving on their lights during the day because they have to pay for current used.

I recommend that water meters be installed at every home so if someone decides to waste water they pay for it.

Yours faithfully,
Anthea Spencer

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