Circus of Dreams was a big disappointment

Dear Editor,
After much anticipation and getting the kids all excited about the Circus of Dreams coming to town, GT&T offered the paying public a great disappointment. First they started the Circus over an hour late; there was no tent; the seating arrangements were poor given the fact that they had VIP and stage front seating; patrons had to pay $2,000 to park in the stadium; and then the rain came down, causing everyone from adults to babies to get soaked.

Yet still they carried on the show despite the fact that half the people who had paid their money to see it did not get to do so, because they were busy trying to seek cover from the rain. I for one left with my family, so we saw nothing.

What I would like the CEO of GT&T to announce is what sort of arrangements they have in place for an incident like this. I demand a refund. While no one has control over the weather we are living in Guyana and the organizers should have had the common sense to know that if you are going to plan an event in December, which is always known as the rainy season, you have to cater for the possibility of rain. As far as I am concerned it was not even a circus; it was more of an acrobatic show and could have been held at a more appropriate venue, for example, the Culture Centre.  GT&T had to know that the majority of the audience would have comprised children.  It should have known better.  What a big disappointment.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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