Dear Editor,

Permit me to share the undermentioned with your readers:

a.  The peasants – Behold! Great increases for the councillors; a pittance for the peasants. It is the season to be jolly.

b.  Entertainment – A mini drive-in cinema, an entertainment centre, north of Office Max.  What a lovely idea. Time to clean up Tiger Bay and the surrounding areas.

c.  Hang ‘em high – Who is really the ‘hangman‘ in the ‘hung’ Parliament?

d. The ashes – Behold, the Afrikan, emerging from the ashes of the slum on Lombard Street, with the intention of remaining there. Where are the voices of the Afrikan brothers and sisters?

e.  Respect – The 1763 Monument is a masterpiece. The lack of respect for our national monuments is quite evident there. See the APNU banner; see the muck, plastic bottles, and styrofoam boxes in the pond. Shed tears at the condition of the area. Weep not, Phillip Moore.

f.  1984 – To look, or not to look at a particular television station; to read or not to read a particular newspaper, is one‘s choice. Politicians both young and old should be aware of that. Visions of Orwell’s 1984, and the socialist state are no more.

g.  The Elections Commission – Indian Guyanese should reconsider whether it is conducive to hold the positions of Chairman, Chief Elections Officer in this racially divided country.

h.  Female Cricketer, 2011 – Played four one-day internationals, took one wicket for 68 runs; member of the victorious West Indies female team which qualified for the ICC World Cup. Readers, you be the judge.

Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn
Major (rtd)

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