Simon Pures for Barbados tour

By Iva Wharton

The Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA) has named 11 boxers to represent Guyana at the Ronald Wilson Memorial championship in Barbados from November 30 to December 15.

Ronald Wilson was the late president of the Amateur Boxing Association of Barbados and also a former head of the Caribbean Amateur Boxing Associations.

Yesterday GABA’s President Steve Ninvalle said this is a good opportunity for the boxers as it is gives them the international exposure they need to advance their careers.

He described the team as very young.

“The more international exposure they get would be better for them at the sport of amateur boxing in Guyana,” he divulged.

The 11 are; Mervin Ageday and Stefan Gouveia – Lightweight,  Benjamin Henry and Imran Khan, Bantamweight, Samuel Primo – Heavyweight,  Mark Pierre – Light Heavyweight, Ron Smith Welterweight,  Bert Braithwaite – Junior Welterweight, Eon Bancroft – Middleweight,  Dexter Ray – Junior Flyweight and Richard Williamson – Flyweight.

They will be accompanied by Lennox Daniels as manager, Ramona Agard and Keith Campbell as referee/judges and coaches Terrence Poole and James Walcott.

The GABA head said efforts were being made to speak with Cathy Harper-Hall President of the Amateur Boxing Association of Barbados, as to whether the competition will include females.

He said if that is the case, the association would include one female boxer on the squad, but that female has not yet been identified.

The boxers were selected from a core of 16 who are a part of the Road to London Programme.

The boxers are training for possible selection to represent Guyana at the London Olympic Games next year.

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