Still waiting to hear whether charges will be instituted after seven months

Dear Editor,

My frustration keeps mounting because the police in my Region 2 district just keep telling me that the DPP’s advice is still being awaited for some seven months now on a report made about me on July 28, 2011.

I am the licensed holder of a shotgun which was seized by the police after a fellow villager from Hibernia made a report against me for threatening him when nothing of the kind occurred, but like anything else an investigation was necessary.

It is common knowledge that such a report is the easiest way to effect a seizure of a shotgun which is done first, and is then followed by an investigation.

After being incarcerated for some 32 hours, I was released on fifty thousand dollars bail – a refund of which was made about a month later. No charges were ever instituted against me and from regular checks to ascertain the position with the officer-in-charge of CID here, he is still awaiting the return of the file, his inevitable response being that I would have to continue checking with him,

For how long more it will take for this to happen is still unknown, but greater expedition is necessary. Much inconvenience and unnecessary suffering is being endured by me from the waste of precious time and passage money to travel all the way to Anna Regina where the officer is based. Better needs to be done.

Yours faithfully,
Ganpat Ramroop

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