Offredo banned for one year for doping no shows

(Reuters) – French cycling prospect Yoann Offredo has been banned for a year after three “no shows” for doping controls.

“It is with dismay that I learned from the union of French professional riders that I had received a one-year suspension from the Disciplinary Committee of the French Cycling Federation,” the FDJ-BigMat rider said in a statement yesterday.

“I have never denied two administrative faults I committed, causing three “no shows”. It seems, however, that in the scale of penalties for racers, this one-year suspension is disproportionate.

“I never cheated and I have always practised cycling with honesty. Today I am sad, disillusioned and hurt.”

Offredo said he had missed the third test because he was not at home but at a race which was added to his schedule late.

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