In recent years there have been numerous reports about the difference between female leadership and the traditional male leadership to which the human race has been subjected for centuries. It is said that women are more inclusive when leading and prefer a team approach rather than the hierarchical method established by men.

It is for these and many other reasons that I believe female leadership in all parts of humanity – family life, religion, politics, business, etc. – is essential to balance humanity’s way forward.

20130608stellaTherefore, I am so very disappointed when I see female leaders behaving like their male counterparts by wielding power for the sake of ego, being steeped in corruption, favouring party politics over the well-being of the people they serve, unable to admit a mistake so it is possible to forge a better course, coming into money in unscrupulous ways and so forth.

How can a woman, the life bearer of the human race, allow herself to become like the very leaders who have throughout human history belittled, marginalised, raped, enslaved and murdered (en mass at times) the very life that women have brought into the world?

Ponder this quote, “I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poisonous gas against uncivilised tribes.” Who said this? Bashar Al-Assad? Nope. It was Winston Churchill.

These types of leaders are our heroes? These are the ones we learn about in history class as great leaders? These are the ones we should emulate? No wonder humanity is in such a wretched state, we teach our children that violence is not only acceptable, but it is commendable and even honourable.

When female leaders embrace this deficient leadership style they betray all of humanity.

We have recently learned that Dr Faith Harding, one of Guyana’s female leaders and a presidential hopeful in the last elections, would not be renewing her longstanding membership with the PNCR. According to a June 1 article in the Guyana Times, Dr Harding said, “I don’t hold the same views, mostly now, with the trend in the party being changed. So I am independent at the moment and I like that.”

I have spoken with Dr Harding myself and I have listened to her utter frustration in dealing with her former party. Moreover, she is not the only woman who has come to me from the opposition parties to express frustration. However, let us be honest, a move to the governing party is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I have talked with women in the governing party and the situation there is no better.

I saw a lot of very disparaging discussion in social media this week regarding Faith Harding’s move to leave the PNCR. However, as a woman, I cannot say I fault her one bit. I am quite sure the male-dominated leadership in that party will now sneer and say they did not need her in the first place. They are wrong. They did need her and it is a great loss to them and to the party that she is now gone.

What is even more disgraceful is that they do not even comprehend why they need Faith Harding and other women like her and likewise, because of their lack of discernment, they cannot possibly understand the great loss they have incurred. They will go on the same way they always have and not take two seconds to reflect on the fact that the party is that much poorer now that they have lost this one woman.
Never underestimate the power of one woman. Those who have the power to give life also carry within them an untold power. It is untold because women do not go around bragging about power, but do not be ignorant to this feminine power.

I have talked to many politicians in Guyana and few men have moved me the way that Faith Harding was able to move me. Then again, with the exception of one or two, most of these male politicians have either talked the party line (gag) or bragged about their power (double gag) when speaking to me. Faith Harding did no such thing when I spoke with her. She displayed a genuine love for the people of the nation.

In fact, most male politicians around the world nowadays have forgotten themselves so thoroughly that they don’t even realise their place anymore. They openly speak of the people they serve with disdain and cold hearts. They have removed themselves from the fray so as not to get dirty by rubbing shoulders with the common folk. As a result, they can no longer identify with those who put them in power.

But there is most certainly a wind of change blowing through the world today. The people have grown weary of the cold hearts of the masculine leadership style. Leaders are being toppled one after another and whole nations are rising up against these uncaring leaders.

Mistakes have been made when one calloused and incompetent leader is replace with yet another calloused and incompetent leader, but it will not be long before the people realise what really needs to happen if there is to be peace on earth. There must be a new leadership style.

As long as there is a marked gender imbalance in leadership worldwide, as long as we are taught to glorify conquerors that inflicted violence on others and as long as women shy away from their responsibilities as leaders – our world will continue on weary and destructive course.

The PNCR was too blind to see what they had in Faith Harding. I am glad Faith had the courage to shake free of party encumbrances to continue to help the people outside of those institutional walls. I wish more female leaders in Guyana would follow Faith’s lead by shaking off the chains that hold them back, too.

Even more, I’d like to see these women leaders come together for the good of the nation and do some real damage to this obviously impotent leadership style that is slowly smothering the people.

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