Mentally ill daughter of woman found dead at Vergenoegen sent to Fort Canje

The daughter of Indira Singh, the woman whose decomposed body was found in June 2012 in a house they shared at Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo, is now a patient at the National Psychiatric Hospital (NPH) at Fort Canje for “further treatment.”

Head of the Child Care & Protection Agency (CC&PA) Ann Greene recently told this newspaper that initially the patient had been taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital but was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation from where she was sent to Fort Canje.

Initially when Singh had died it was thought her daughter was around 14 years old but after she was checked by doctors, it was discovered that she was an adult possibly in her late teens or early twenties.

“This makes it more difficult for us to find accommodation for her but we are working to find a suitable place for her,” Greene had told this newspaper when it had been discovered that the patient was an adult.  She had added that it would have been difficult to place her from the inception because of her mental illness but since it has been ruled that she is an adult, she could not be placed among children.

The young woman had been hospitalised since her mother’s body was found.  While it was suspected that her mother was raped and murdered by an intruder, the results of a post-mortem examination were inconclusive because of the advanced decomposition of the body.

Singh had been dead for days before her body was discovered. A friend, who decided to check on her after not seeing her for days, had led police to the discovery.

Singh’s mentally ill daughter had never attended school, according to Vergenoegen residents. She had no close relatives and Greene had said that no one had come forward to offer to care for her.

Singh, who was about 44 at the time of her death, had walked the streets with her daughter begging.  Occasionally she had done domestic work for persons in the community.  She also used to receive assistance from the Muslim community.

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