Lethem still enduring restricted power supply

-as generator repair remains incomplete

Lethem residents continue to experience a restricted power supply as they wait for one of the community’s generators, which went down over a month ago, to be repaired.

A part for the non-functioning generator was sent to Brazil for repair but was returned to Guyana to be fixed after the problem could not be identified by the relevant personnel in Brazil.

A source close to the Lethem Power Company (LPC) told Stabroek News yesterday that the part was brought to Georgetown on March 27 and was expected to be fixed by yesterday and sent back to Lethem.

The constant generator breakdowns have prompted residents to call for a new generator. When asked about this suggestion, the source stated that the government plans to purchase two new generators for the power company.  The generator broke down over a month ago, leaving two of the three sections of Lethem restricted to eight hours of power per day. Lethem has been enduring constant generator breakdowns, which cause long blackouts and residents have described the situation as frustrating, saying it impacts their livelihoods.

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