Ministry instructs Baramita cops to adopt zero tolerance on drugs, noise nuisance

The Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed the Baramita police to exercise zero tolerance for drug offences and has tasked the village council with identifying persons to be trained as rural constables, to increase security in the village.

In a press release yesterday, the ministry said it had convened a meeting with a delegation from the Baramita Village Council comprising Toshao Bradley Thomas, Deputy Toshao Johnny Simon, attorney-at-law to the village council David James and the police commander of ‘F’ Division to address a number of security concerns raised by the council. Councillor Bernice Williams also attended the meeting.

Among the issues raised by the village was the need for a check-point to be established to collect landed tolls and to gather information on persons entering the Reservation. The ministry advised the delegation to identify persons from the community to be trained and appointed rural constables to perform duties as specified by the council.

The ministry also instructed ranks at the Baramita Police Station to exercise a zero-tolerance approach in the handling of noise nuisance, the illegal sale of alcohol and drug abuse. Ranks were also reminded to adhere to Standing Order 12 – ‘Appearance and Conduct’ – with regard to complaints that they were often clad in civilian clothes. In addition, a constable and corporal who were engaged in business activities were transferred on May 9 to the Port Kaituma Police Station.

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