Robbers targeting Lamaha Gardens, say residents

Residents of the residential area of Lamaha Gardens are crying out for help from a spate of thefts and robberies, while the Guyana Police Force is urging them and the public-at-large to be more vigilant.

Stabroek News was told of three incidents last week alone. In addition, complaints have also been made about the theft of a number of vehicles, resulting in the loss of large sums of money and car parts.

A resident yesterday recounted that last week a bag with over $4M was stolen after his neighbour returned home for a short period. The battery from his neighbour’s vehicle was also removed in what was “less than five minutes.”

Around the corner in Durbana Square, another resident explained that there had been an increase in the number of vehicles that use the route, making it difficult to ascertain suspicious behaviour.  “First people never used to use here but lately more and more cars driving through, so you don’t know who is who,” he said.

Sonia (only name given), a domestic worker, opined that because most of the persons in the area are out during the day, their homes are targeted. She said two flat-screen televisions were among items stolen from a home three weeks ago.

When three residents were asked why they had not reported the thefts, they all said that to them it made no sense. “You waste you time reporting anything to the police these days… nothing will come of it and then they ask you a million questions, have you running back and just time wasting. So, people just move on,” one resident said.

Another person suggested that a popular hinterland radio service and local shipping company in the area has brought more attention to the area because of the persons frequenting these places. “Most of the people that go there are Brazilians or bush people sending up things for their families. So, it seems their movements are tracked and they are followed there,” he said.

However a senior police official, when contacted, told Stabroek News that persons need to be more vigilant when undertaking large transactions in the city. He said that numerous times the police warn the public against leaving large sums of money in their vehicles as bandits sometimes target them from the bank just waiting for an opportunity to strike.

In addition, the police official said that the police force would work along with persons in the area to form a community policing group to boost its mobile patrols in the area. He said that police have not heard of the recent thefts but that his unit will look into it.

The police are also asking residents to visit their nearest police stations and formally make a report of any crime committed in their area.

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