Ganja smoker seeks second chance, gets 12 months

“I don’t use it as a hustle, and ah don’t want to lie to the court. Ah was smoking the cannabis fuh truth when the police arrest me,” Rawle Campbell told Magistrate Judy Latchman on Wednesday, before he was sentenced to 12 months in jail.

Campbell, a 32-year-old mason begged the magistrate for a non-custodial sentence at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, suggesting that he be given only a warning so that he could have a second chance to curb his addiction.

“Please for a second chance to correct that habit. Just warn me,” he said, while adding, “ah only use half of the piece ah had.”

Campbell added that he smoked cigarettes, which are legal, but this had led him to smoking cannabis.

After his persistent pleas, however, Magistrate Latchman informed Campbell that the law makes specific provision for such offences and that in the circumstances he would be sentenced to 12 months in prison and fined $2,000.

Campbell had earlier admitted his guilt on the charge, which stated that on July 28, at Arcade First Avenue, Bartica, he smoked cannabis. The prosecution’s facts stated that on the day in question police were on mobile patrol at First Avenue, Bartica when Campbell was observed smoking the suspected cannabis.

Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt said that Campbell had the illegal substance wrapped in a cigarette form. He was subsequently told of the offence committed, arrested and charged.

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