Orange Walk vendor shot three times

A cigarette vendor was yesterday shot thrice at his shop located on Orange Walk, Bourda.

Troy Bacchus, 37 years of West Ruimveldt, was shot by a male dressed in all black at approximately 8:30 pm.

Bacchus’ wife recalled that her husband and her daughter were watching television at the shop when the man walked up and opened fired. She recalled that “I heard just this shot and turned and saw this man…just shoot three shots I think.”

When Bacchus arrived at the Georgetown Public Hospital, police stated that he was in fact shot at four times. Hospital staff revealed that he was shot twice in his right leg and once in his left leg, there was no mention where the other bullet grazed him.

Bacchus’ wife told Stabroek News that she and her daughter were so caught off guard by the  ambush that they didn’t know what to do and were in complete shock. Bacchus’ wife recalled that after the shooter was finished he ran through a crowd of people. She recalled that although there were people around no one gave chase after the shooter. She said she thought it was because it all happened so suddenly.

Bacchus’ wife stated that the family was getting ready to go home, but she said they were to leave the shop at 9pm after a television show they were watching was finished. Her husband had his back to the doorway. Bacchus’ wife was very emotional when she arrived at GPHC stating that she was so scared to go and see her husband because she feared the worst.

She said that her husband was a friendly man and this seemed a very brazen attack, “I don’t know what happening, the man just walk up straight to him and shoot he”.  She said that her husband did not have problems with anyone. “I don’t know who would do this, I don’t know who would want to kill him,”  Bacchus’ wife stated.

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