No permission sought or given for inclusion of work in Caribbean Press publication

Dear Editor,

Mr Ruel Johnson is right to assume that I am unaware of my inclusion in an anthology of resident writers, which he states is “yet to make an appearance” (‘None of Mair’s “facts” are correct,’ SN, June 13).

I have not been approached by Caribbean Press regarding any such inclusion and no permission has been sought or given. If the information about my inclusion is correct then I hope that Caribbean Press is aware that I own the copyright to all my works and that publishing any of my work or parts thereof without my permission would be an infringement of my copyright and may well be actionable.

Further, given the sordid mess that is the Caribbean Press I would not give my permission for any of my work to be published by this press.

I am careful about where I am published and by whom and with whom. I have had short works published in Britain by the BBC World Service radio, by Artrage magazine, and by Macmillan Caribbean which published an anthology entitled Under the Perfume Tree in 2006 which included one of my pieces.

Needless to say, these professional bodies made sure that all the relevant permissions and agreements were signed well in advance of publication.

Yours faithfully,
Ryhaan Shah

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