Not all pensioners who consume electricity receive the government’s $20,000

Dear Editor,

I am a pensioner 75 years old. I live in the bottom flat of a house that belongs to my son-in-law and daughter. The meter is in the name of my son-in-law. I use electricity for my TV, DVD and radio, my fan, my lights, etc. I give my son-in-law two thousand dollars from my old age pension every month to assist paying the light bill since I also consume electricity.

The government says pensioners will get twenty thousand dollars per year to assist them with their electricity charges but under the present system many pensioners will not get that assistance. I will not get it because I do not have a light bill in my name.

If the government is serious about giving all pensioners twenty thousand dollars to assist with their electricity charges, then I suggest that it should be attached to their old age pension book as an additional page.
And let the pensioners who have bills like me, personally pay GPL, and I will be able to give my son-in-law my two thousand every month. In this way every pensioner will get the assistance.

It does not mean that because a pensioner does not pay a light bill that he/she does not consume electricity, since many pensioners, like me, live with relatives and consume electricity.

It is not fair for some pensioners to receive this assistance and some not because the system that is in operation deprives them. I hope the government will give this matter its kind consideration.
Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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