Why was the Guyana Cup Classic changed from A grade to B grade?

Dear Editor,

A hot topic has arisen in the Guyanese horse-racing community. You see there has been some confusion regarding the Guyana Cup that was run at the Port Mourant Turf Club. The promoters of the Guyana Cup event have made a major faux pas. This mistake eliminated Guyana’s number one horse from competing in Guyana’s number one horse race, the Guyana Cup Classic. Two weeks ago Scores Even romped home with an authoritative victory in the 2nd biggest horse race in Guyana, the Digicel Classic. This same horse was elevated to ‘A’ class status after the win. Races are held for each class grade to make competition fair. The big race was changed from an A grade and lowered to a B grade and lower a couple of months back. In the process the owners of Guyana’s number one horse noticed the conditions had changed. The owners rallied with letters to the organizer and the President of the Guyana Horse Racing Association (GHRA). The result was the organizer agreed to offer a supplemental race for the A and lower class. But there was a catch. At least 5 horses had to sign up to run for the race to go. The race failed to fill thus Guyana’s number one race horse was not able to compete for a very large sum of money, leaving fans to be disappointed as organizers still said that Guyana’s number one horse would show up when in fact he stayed at home.

I wrote a letter to the editor to another newspaper which did not print it. Instead they printed an article that indicated that Scores Even broke down. Nothing was further from the truth, as Scores Even was seen on social media out for a morning walk yesterday morning, sound and healthy. I came all the way from New York to see the race. And now I will return feeling empty handed as I did not get to see my favourite race horse compete.

Yours faithfully,
Zalesha Sachawat

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