Dealers should make provision for Halaal meats

Dear Editor,

We have noticed the recent establishments being opened and identified as fast food entities but are very concerned from the viewpoint of an Islamic way of life with the beef, mutton and chicken being served to Muslims who unknowingly buy and eat these meats which are not wholesome, Halaal. As a matter of fact a great number of non-Muslims have become accustomed to buying and cooking Halaal meats, etc, which they claim taste better, because of slaughtering and hygienic preparations before being offered for sale to the public.

Some supermarkets in the world have found it profitable to provide a special area to sell Halaal products. Very noticeable in the UK is the Lords Halaal section in London which is always filled by those customers requesting such foods. Here in Georgetown a fancy butchery has just thrown it doors open to the public but alas, is not only non-Halaal, but pork products are conspicuous on the shelves. This is not only prohibited for consumption by Muslims but most will not enter such premises, and it should be noted that because Muslims eat a lot of meat in comparison to other faiths, the shops and vendors are bound to lose business because of that significant section of the public.

It is to be noted that about three of the largest meat sellers with some small producers of chicken and beef are Halaal, and Muslims are advised only to buy from fast food establishments which use their brands. Non Halaal foods and snacks are prohibited for Muslim consumption, except in certain cases.

The purpose of this letter therefore is to bring to the attention of dealers in the beef and chicken trade about providing wholesome and lawful food for sale and consumption by Muslims and some Christian denominations and other non-Muslims. Hamburgers, meat, pizzas, hot dogs and patties, and similar snack products are prohibited for consumption when Halaal ingredients are not used. Owing to the very large Muslim population in the world where more than one-third of people are Muslim, in a great number of countries it is a tradition for Halaal slaughtering to be done. Here in Guyana it is noted that apart from Muslim meat dealers, non-Muslim businesses like Bounty Farm and Chester Fried take pride in providing healthy Halaal products for consumption; this  is very much appreciated and I do hope others will respect this practice.

Yours faithfully,
SMV Nasseer
Queenstown Jumuh Masjid

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