Families need to be more vigilant over their children

Dear Editor,

Upon reading the story captioned ‘File on abused 2-yr-old sent to DPP’ published on Tuesday 29th October 2013 on p 16, I felt compelled to make a public comment.    This article, essentially informed of the death of a female toddler, Kimanie Watson, who reportedly collapsed after a sudden bout of diarrhoea.  The autopsy that followed little Kimanie’s demise, “revealed she had been sexually abused… her anus was dilated.”  This is indeed a gross act against humanity.

Based on the facts presented in this account alone, this is a case where the family has failed in its duty of care to this child.

The file is now in the possession of our DPP.  I eagerly await the findings of this case and even as I do, I pray that justice be done.

In the meantime I make a special appeal to our families, caregivers, guardians, to be more vigilant in watching over those whom God has placed in their care, especially the young and vulnerable.

Yours faithfully,

Prudence Lewis-Bhola

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