Snail mail put its express counterpart to shame

Dear Editor,


I posted a mail to London, on behalf of my wife, on the 12th of September, 2013, using the Guyana Post Office’s EMS express mail service. It costs $4,000.00 and a receipt with the tracking number was issued to me. After two days I decided to track the mail, so I googled the website.

Apart from finding multiple sites, I also found letters and comments, complaining about the slothfulness of this service. I thought to myself, too late for the warnings, but I kept my fingers crossed and held my breath. Of course the tracking system did not work, but I held on to hope.

September flew by, October came and went, we are in November and the EMS mail is still MIA. Fortunately my wife had copies of the documents and decided to send them through the regular mail (snail mail) on the 22nd October.  It cost $100 and it arrived today, 2nd November, leaving the express mail in its dust. What an irony!

The  EMS mail is still missing in action and I have uncrossed my fingers, released my breath and have given up on hope that the express mail will get to its destination. I felt as if I have been duped $4,000.00 like all the others whose fate I have met, and GPO is laughing all the way to the bank.

Editor, this is just another addition to the long list of inefficient service GPO delivers. I did make enquiries about the mail in question and the persons answering the phone were of no help. I hope this letter serves as a warning to others who intend to use the GPO EMS express mail service.  My humble advice is, send your letters via ‘snail mail’, it will certainly give Usain Bolt a run for his money.


 Yours faithfully,
Leyland Mingo 

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