CPLT20 opens up now opportunities for Guyana and Caribbean

— New GPC Limacol proud of acquisition

FARM, EAST BANK DEMERARA, GUYANA: New GPC/Limacol is very proud of its acquisition of the Guyanese franchise of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). The T20 format of cricket has shown that it can open up completely new audiences and demographics for the venerable game that found a home in the Caribbean, among other former British colonies. The new format has proven that it can also deliver great economic benefits to the host venues as well as to the players. While West Indian players were among the most popular in T20 globally, it was very unfortunate that the Caribbean until now was unable to capitalise on the synergies opened up by the exciting, power-packed style of cricket. The state of the tourism sector is a good example of this. Tourism is the major industry of the region but this sector has practically collapsed in the same timeframe as T20 grew into a multi-billion dollar game in India. A Caribbean T20 league could have played a great role in combating this decline. T20 is tailor made to supplement tourism.

Today all sports have become professionalised and this necessitates a professional approach, not only in the players, but in the organisation and administration of the game. The Caribbean T-20 League presents an opportunity for local corporations to move beyond mere “sponsorship” to actually “putting their money where their mouths are”.  The corporate Caribbean is now not only responsible to provide money, but to see the team’s success actually become a matter of their own bottom line.

New GPC/Limacol is taking this opportunity to show the world that the Caribbean also has world class corporations, of which it is one. The Limacol Brand – and its tag line “Freshness of a breeze in a bottle” which will be associated with the Guyana Cricket Team is one that is known all through the Caribbean and its far-flung diaspora in the US, Canada, Britain and almost every country in the world.  The brand has been broadened to include a host of related products beyond the original facial lotion.

With the Caribbean Premier League, its Guyana team and New GPC’s Limacol brand and corporate backing, the Caribbean will once again take its place in the sun.

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