Twenty-six motor cyclists killed in accidents this year

-police appeal for more caution

So far for this year a total of 26 motor cyclists have lost their lives due to fatal accidents, compared to 16 for the same period last year and the police are urging more caution and care by this group of road users.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) in a statement yesterday said that in some instances the victims were not wearing safety helmets which may have saved their lives.

The GPF noted that the Motor Cycles (Protective Helmets) Regulations Section 3 (1) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Cap. 51:02 states that:

“The driver of, and every person carried on, a motor cycle on a road shall wear a safety helmet capable of affording protection to the head of the wearer from injury in the event of an accident.”

In keeping with the Regulations, it said that the legal requirement for the driver, and any other person carried on the motor cycle, to wear a safety helmet does not apply in cases where the engine of the motor cycle is not more than 50cc.

It said that while there are specific types of safety helmets prescribed to be used while driving a motor cycle, motor cyclists can be seen using safety helmets that are for use by cyclists, which is against the law.

The GPF said that motor cyclists and pillion riders also contravene the law and do not wear the safety helmets which are intended for their own protection and safety. It said that some can be seen with the helmets on the handles of the motor cycles.

The GPF said that for this year so far a total of 380 motor cyclists have been charged for failing to wear safety helmets and these efforts will be intensified.

Concern was also expressed by the GPF about the practice of motor cyclists with children as pillion riders, without safety helmets and their feet dangling dangerously close to the spokes of the rear wheel of the motor cycle.

“While being cognisant of difficulty with transportation at times, the police is also expressing concern over the towing of too many persons on a motor cycle by motor cyclists. Under such circumstances control of the vehicle will be difficult and can result in accidents and even death”, the GPF said.

Between the period December 07 to 13, 2014, the GPF said that its Traffic Department made a number of cases against motorists and other persons for breaching the traffic laws. These include:



Speeding                                                                                                       296

Driving Under the Influence                                                                  42

Breach of Condition of Road Service        Licence                          73

Careless Driving                                                                                           21

Dangerous Driving                                                                                      38

Fail to wear safety helmet                                                                          8

Fail to wear seat belt                                                                                  50

Prohibition of the use of hand held mobile phone                        27

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