Carol Sooba is a superstar

Dear Editor,

Imagine this scenario for it is real, two antagonists; one understandable and the other fundamentally incapable, locked in a grim power struggle. One means good and the other has caused an entire city of Georgetown to be ruined – garbage and filth at every street corner, clogged drains, overflowing sewage, obnoxious scent, airborne diseases on the increase within the entire municipality.

For me and many others Ms. Carol Sooba is a superstar. One woman with guts and gall stands up to a bunch of eccentrics. For two decades of leadership they have caused an entire city to become a slum; a city which was once titled the “Garden City”-. what a shame!

We have a good opportunity to restore some glory to the city of Georgetown by working with Ms. Sooba, but these opportunists have chosen to ridicule her in the most antagonistic, demeaning and violent manner, what a disgrace!

Ms. Sooba has displayed great patience, commitment, integrity and above all forbearance beyond the normal human capacity. Many men would have called it a day, but this gem of a woman stays on to save an entire city.

Fight on Ms. Carol Sooba many are backing you.

Yours faithfully,

Nazar Mohamed

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