Let us have a local government election this year

Dear Editor,

This government has done everything possible to downgrade or denigrate the mayoralty of our capital.

Only a strong group of patriots could have survived these last 20 years of constant state pressure. The government seems quite comfortable controlling the city through an unqualified Town Clerk and the Treasurer. This is an arrangement they could not obtain through the polls, so for them, why hold local government elections for the city and elsewhere?

The greatest damage is this: a whole generation exists whose members have no idea of their potential to manage and contribute to the development of their respective communities. This is a great pity and the PPP should be ashamed of this disservice to our youth.

The PPP must take its heel off the city, allow us to breathe, allow to us to return to the dignity of the Mayor of Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Linden, Anna Regina, etc, to be a part of our legacy. Otherwise they must tell the world that the PPP does not believe in shared power once they have the executive.

By the way, in 1980 Freedom House shouted about changing aspects of our constitution. Now that they have the presidency, not even a whisper – what a shameless cabal.

Let us have a reformed local government system and election this year.

Yours faithfully,

Eric Moseley

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