Water wastage continues on the East Coast

Dear Editor,

Just about two years ago the letter below was published by the Stabroek News and regrettably to this date the water wastage still continues unabated there.

Oh! what would it take the powers that be in the very top echelon of Guyana Water Authority to listen and act? Someone told me that they listen but the will to act is very poor or challenging. The letter published on July 14, 2012 follows:

“I read Anthea Spencer’s letter ‘GWI needs to do more to stop the wastage of water’ yesterday in your letters to the editor section, and thought of letting Guyana Water Inc know through this medium that information was given several times to its officials at Melanie on the East Coast of Demerara that there is water wastage from a burst or broken water main on the East Coast, at LBI.

“Not more than fifty yards away from its now defunct main water storage overhead tank at LBI on the East Coast Highway under the bridge that separates Chateau Margot, there is a six or eight inches mains pipe that takes water to Pigeon Island.

“That pipe is ruptured and hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per day are wasted. I am aware that several complaints were made to the GWI office at Bachelor’s Adventure, and even to the person who is the district ‘runner,’ but to date there is no remedy. That rupture is covered with some overgrown bushes which are on the northern side of the concrete bridge.

“I trust that this letter would attract the eyes of a senior GWI official who can with some alacrity request an investigation and get the pipe fixed.”

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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